Fight For What You Believe In!

Nothing can stop a project, a dream, a creator, a young person with hope like a fragile bird held in his hand, or a plan that seems out of reach more solidly and brutally than someone saying casually, “oh, that’s not possible. Can’t happen. Let it go.”

For some of these naysayers, there isn’t necessarily a machiavellian intent. Maybe he or she thinks it’s an act of kindness—a favor—to put help put to rest an effort that is only bound to lead to disappointment. A guidance counselor breaking the news that “college probably isn’t a realistic option.” A parent saying, “Writing is a tough slog and not really a worthy career pursuit.” There are also those who doubtless have ulterior motives hidden behind the concern curtain: maybe it’s concealed envy, a character flaw in which an individual takes pleasure in others’ failings (there’s a great German word for that: Schadenfreude,) or simply someone who doesn’t have sufficient faith that the seemingly impossible can be achieved through vision, focus, hard work, planning, and support.

Support. Yes, that is key. To be a success at the end, to succeed at achieving the “unattainable,” it’s important to build a network of champions around you. Those who do believe your fight is winnable, who can see that glimmer of glory buried within you, those who cheer you on in the stands, or who donate to your fund, or who help you fill out that college application or résumé . . . those are the wagons to have circle around you as you fight for what you believe you can accomplish—the greatness you know lurks inside you and with all the force you can muster will rise like a phoenix—those are the ones who will share your glory as you raise your arms in victory.

Fight for what you believe in! Set aside the words of discouragement with loving forgiveness, and receive the roars of encouragement and let them elevate you beyond where you exist, holding that fragile dream, and where many would like you to stay. Because many would love to see you stay right where you are. Without that victory, without that state championship, without that college scholarship, without that dream career, without that award-winning documentary.

Get lifted. Listen to the right voices. Do the work. And fight. Because what you believe in is what you can do.